Welcome to Smart Start Preschool in Harris Ranch!


At Smart Start Preschool, children most often: Lead…rather than follow the teacher. Create…rather than duplicate. Move…rather than wait. Initiate…rather than imitate. Raise questions…rather than answer the teacher’s questions. Solve their own problems…rather than the teacher’s problems. Make art…rather than do crafts. Make books…rather than fill in workbooks. Decide…rather than submit. Choose wisely…rather than being told. Try again…rather than fail.             


Adapted from Sandra Crosser’s, The Butterfly Garden.




Erin Tippetts: owner/head teacher

Erin Tippetts is a mother of three children. She has a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University in human development with early childhood, and has over 20 years of teaching experience. Over the years, she has taught preschool in various early childhood centers, was the owner of a preschool in Sun Valley, ran an interactive parent/toddler program, taught Kindermusik, and spent 19 summers as the owner of a summer day camp in Sun Valley, Idaho. Erin currently owns and operates Smart Start Preschool in Hidden Springs, Hidden Springs Kid's Camp during the summer months, and was honored in Idaho Business Revue’s 2009 Women of the Year magazine. Starting September 2015, she will split her time between her two schools. 





Program Highlights

Daily Schedule

**  Erin Tippetts is that rare teacher who has perfected the art of generating and sustaining enthusiasm in her young students while maintaining an atmosphere of respect and regard.  I’ve never seen small children have so much fun while behaving so responsibly!  She brings out the best in them. We started our oldest at Smart Start and expect to continue until our youngest heads off to kindergarten. –Christine Allred

Teacher/student ratio is 1:7 or 1:8


Foundation skills taught in reading, writing, math, music, dance, and Spanish






Artistic creation in a hands on manner, involving various art materials and methods. Art projects are designed to enhance self-expression, fine motor skills and creativity.



Kindermusik movement and music program on a weekly basis







Outdoor education 

Discovery in nature and science


Movement and exercise (both large and small motor)


Social development: sharing, small & whole groups, problem solving, following directions, self-esteem, conflict resolution, verbal expression and more








9:00 – 10:00         Self-selected Learning

10:00 – 10:15        Clean-up and Circle Time

10:15 – 10:30         Snack

10:30 – 10:45         Recess

10:45 – 11:00        Academic Groups

11:00 – 11:30         Enrichment Programs

                          (Spanish, Music, Show & Tell)


Extended Care Offered Mon, Wed, Fri







Art Table: Each day, an age appropriate art activity is available for the children. The activities will include gluing, painting, coloring and creating with a variety of art materials. Creations may not always look complete or pretty, but it is the process, rather than the product that is important.

Activity Table: May include such items as puzzles, stencils, stationary, games, play dough, manipulatives, aesthetic and cognitive based activities

Writing Center: Paper, pencils, stencils, stationary, glue, notebooks, envelopes, stamps, stickers and other writing accessories for children to “write” with.

Dramatic Play Area: Will change regularly in theme and materials.

Easel: Available for painting, drawing and artistic creations.

Sensory Table: Including such materials as water, sand, birdseed, flour, rice, shaving cream, beans, paper & scissors, etc.

Block Center: Wooden blocks, legos, and other manipulatives to create and build with.

Science/Math Corner: Science projects and activities to investigate, such as scales, magnifying glasses, measuring utensils, nature items, etc.

Library Area: A cozy corner with books and books on CD, which will change in theme and variety regularly, for children to relax and enjoy and read.


Self-Selected Centers:

Mission Statement

Smart Start Preschool strives to create a safe learning environment, which promotes developmentally appropriate education and social skills for young children to learn about themselves, others and their surroundings.  Emphasis is placed on self-esteem, creativity, and individuality.  Smart Start utilizes a system of manipulative materials within a structured environment where exploration, discovery and learning take place.  The focus is to teach readiness skills for Kindergarten as well as instill the desire for life-long learning.  A team approach between parents, children and teacher is essential for a consistent, quality education and experience.




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