Smart Start Preschool

                              Educating in Two Locations

Harris Ranch Website

3723 S Council Springs Rd

Boise, ID 83716

Hidden Springs Website

13399 N 1st Ave.

Hidden Springs, ID 83714

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Open Enrollment Year Round

Now enrolling for the Fall 2021
Preschool & Summer Camp!

At Smart Start Preschool, children most often: Lead…rather than follow the teacher. Create…rather than duplicate. Move…rather than wait. Initiate…rather than imitate. Raise questions…rather than answer the teacher’s questions. Solve their own problems…rather than the teacher’s problems. Make art…rather than do crafts. Make books…rather than fill in workbooks. Decide…rather than submit. Choose wisely…rather than being told. Try again…rather than fail.  


Adapted from Sandra Crosser’s, The Butterfly Garden.