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Welcome to 

Smart Start Preschool

in Two Locations

Smart Start Preschool at Harris Ranch


3723 S Council Springs Rd

Boise, ID 83716

Smart Start Preschool
at Hidden Springs


13399 N 1st Ave.

Hidden Springs, ID 83714

Now enrolling for the Fall 2024   *   Please choose the location above for more information and to schedule a tour!

Educational Toys

Why Smart Start Preschool?

At Smart Start Preschool, children most often:

  • Lead…rather than follow the teacher.

  • Create…rather than duplicate.

  • Move…rather than wait. Initiate…rather than imitate.

  • Raise questions…rather than answer the teacher’s questions.

  • Solve their own problems…rather than the teacher’s problems.

  • Make art…rather than do crafts.

  • Make books…rather than fill in workbooks.

  • Decide…rather than submit.

  • Choose wisely…rather than being told.

  • Try again…rather than fail.  


Adapted from Sandra Crosser’s "The Butterfly Garden".

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